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It was in June 1957 that the company was set up by Mrs Rossi Landi and by Dr Keller, founder of the Keller and Bohacek company in Germany (Kebo Dusseldorf).

Originally, the company was more specificaly industry- and metallurgy-oriented; supplying products for pickling baths and passivation...

Between 1960 and 1970 KEBO FRANCE company started mastering acid cleaning of evaporators in sugar factories thanks to its LITHSOLVENT method.

In the 1970's a new range of products such as the KEBO DS,anti-scaling for Evaporation were launched. These products, combined with certain alkaline treatments unabled a massive reduction of acid operations.

This concept has been improved throughout its utilization and is now used in almost all European sugar factories, it is also exported to several continents.

KEBO DUSSELDORF has, on the one hand, developed products for the chemical industry, metallurgy and sugar factories, and on the other, has created water treatment products for cooling systems and boilers.

KEBO FRANCE, in close collaboration wih our products conceiver KEBO DUSSELDORF (certified ISO 9001 in January 1970), offers a wide range of chemical specialities to its customers :

  • Chemical cleaning
  • Water treatment
  • Anti scaling and Anti fungus
  • Stripping and Passivation


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